Huntley's Sub-Aqua Construction Equipment:

At Huntley's Sub-Aqua Construction we take pride in owning the right equipment for every job.
Below are pictures & descriptions of some of the tools we most commonly use on-site. Click the images below to view larger photos.

High volume pressure washer Hydraulic mag drill and core drill Hydraulic cut off saw
Hydraulic hammer drill Hydraulic chippers and jack hammers Hydraulic chain saws
3/8” - 3/4” hydraulic impact guns Hydraulic drill and grinders Hydraulic Power Pack
Hydraulic Power Pack 250/400 amp Welders 42’x16’ Nova Endeavor work boat & dive vessel
Hydraulic towing bit / capstan

Complete surface supplied dive spread
with audio/video & lighting

Dive spread
Huntley's Sub-Aqua Construction
Auto-pilot and precision marine navigation    
Marine Service Skiff Zodiac Cargo Equipment Utility Van


Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
Canadian Association of Diving Contractors


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