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You do have an easier solution for cleaning your reservoir!

Huntley’s Sub-Aqua Construction specializes in reservoir inspection, cleaning and repair

Reservoir inspections can be accomplished by one of three methods including:

  1. Draining
  2. Using a Remotely Operating Vehicle (ROV)
  3. Using Divers

Draining:  The oldest method of inspecting water reservoirs is to drain them.  The reservoir is taking off line and emptied, wasting valuable water and disinfectant.  Workers then enter the reservoir to clean the floor and perform maintenance by hand.  For steel tanks, draining can lead to damage of interior coating.  Walking around inside of an empty reservoir can cut small scratches in the floor coating causing the underlying metal to rust after the reservoir is filled.  Workers waling inside the reservoir generate a substantial risk of contamination and are subject to confined space regulations.  Concrete reservoirs often suffer structural damage from the expansion and contraction that occurs from moving large quantities of water.  This method required extended down time and is the most expensive. 

ROV Inspection:  Remotely Operated vehicles are useful for a reservoirs interior without any contamination concerns.   However, a ROV can not remove debris or perform repairs. 

Commercial Divers:  Commercial Divers that use proper equipment are the best choice for overall reservoir maintenance.  Divers perform the work while the reservoir remains in service and full o f water eliminating the high cost and dangers associate with normal reservoir maintenance.  A diver can do what a ROV cannot like repairing cracks, or coating failure cleaning the reservoir or replacing corroded fixtures. 

24 Hour Emergency Service: Call 1-877-678-DIVE (3483)

  • Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspection on reservoirs with Potable Water dedicated ROV
Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
Canadian Association of Diving Contractors


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