Huntley's Sub Aqua Construction


As a professional Commercial Construction Diving business, Huntley’s Sub-Aqua Construction specializes in many kinds of diving and marine services including, but not limited to: Underwater Inspection, Construction, Maintenance, Repair, Salvage and Environmental Assessments.

Huntley’s Sub-Aqua Construction has a close relationship with the practical side of the marine industry. We provide diving services of many kinds, aimed at developing and supporting emerging technologies, advising on projects at all levels, as well as analytical and environmental support services.

** Note: We provide a 24-hour emergency service : call 1-877-DIVE (3483)

Below is a brief list including some of the clients we service:

Huntley's Sub-Aqua Construction

Huntley's Sub-Aqua Construction
    (Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy)
  • OpenHydro Technologies Canada
  • Black Rock Tidal
  • Dalhousie University
  • Dynamic Systems Analysis
  • Fundy Tidal
  • Acadia University
  • Virginia Tech
  • CBCL
  • Trans Canada
  • GaleForce Scientific Consulting
  • Stantec and Dillon Consulting
Huntley's Sub-Aqua Construction Clients Include :
Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association
Canadian Association of Diving Contractors


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